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The End of the World

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After organizing some photos tonight, I realized just how many places I have already visited, how quickly time is passing by, and how I've already forgotten details of some of the places I've been. It's hard enough to keep track of events and places when you're traveling in a whirlwind fashion, but when adding a crazy work schedule on top of the travel, it's no wonder things are a blur!

Currently I have no children onboard, so it will be interesting to see what my schedule is like in the days to come. We just left Ushuaia, Argentina, which is the world's southern-most city, and may just be my favorite destination of this journey thus far. It reminded me of Switzerland, and I would have no problem spending an extended amount of time there in the future. We are now on our way to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, and I will be assisting with some of the landings in the coming days, which I am very excited about. I also hope to see some penguins and seals, and I can't believe how lucky I am to have this opportunity. We had a meeting with the expedition team for Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica, and I am so impressed with the work and cool things they get to do! That's the job I want! So all in all, things are going very well right now, and I'm happy to be right where I am. Be sure to check out my pictures at yahoo.

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The search for a strong Pisco sour

My first South American Christmas has come and gone in a bizarre and almost imperceptible fashion, and the new year is right around the corner. We will be leaving Castro for the Chilean Fjords tonight at midnight and will be cruising the fjords as we ring in 2007. Part of my responsibility as Youth Coordinator is to host a New Year’s Eve party for the children. Hopefully the parents will be picking up their kids at 11:45 to celebrate the new year together, and I will be able to join the rest of the crew at our party. It’s kind of a bummer, but oh well...

The picture I’ve included was taken outside of quite a dive in Puerto Montt. After an evening of shopping, my friend Johnny wanted to find an establishment with sticky floors and killer Pisco sours. After walking past several blocks of dogs feasting on garbage and cars slowly cruising by blaring crappy Latin music, we finally found what we were looking for. The entrance was up a flight of stairs, and upon reaching the door, one had to peer in through barred window so that bouncer could unlock the padlock on the door. Yikes… Inside however, there weren’t too many people, the bartenders were friendly, and the Pisco sours were just right. The flashing Christmas lights and tinny Christmas songs playing along with Latin tunes added to the sticky, yet not alarming, atmosphere of the place. Upon arrival Johnny suggested that the scene had makings of a Quentin Tarintino film, but we later concluded that it was much more Hunter S. Thompsonesque in feel and flavor. All in all it was exactly what we were looking for; I’m just glad that there was no cause for us to leave in a hurry, as the padlock probably would have impeded such action.

Finally, it has now been determined that I will be staying on at least through February, but there is a very good chance I will be here until April. My work as Youth coordinator will end with January, and I will be taking over the position of Enrichment Staff, pretty much an assistant to the Enrichment Manager. Also, I've posted lots of pictures at photos.yahoo.com/lindseytuuri. I miss you all and send my love. Cheers!DSC_0003_2.jpg

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Sea Lions on Christmas Eve

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Two entries in three days...can you believe it?! Today we anchored in Concepcion, Chile just for the day, and we are now on our way to Valdivia for Christmas. We had some problems upon arrival in Conception; although we had scheduled our visit months ago, the Chilean authorities weren't sure they wanted to let anyone ashore. They finally did, so some of the residents were able to explore; I however hung out with the new children for the morning and then helped out at Marina Day. The air and water temperatures are both pretty chilly, so it was a fairly slow day. Not too many people kayaking or touring on the zodiacs (small, inflatable, motorized boats). There was however a group of sea lions basking on a nearby buoy, and I had a chance to travel in the zodiac to see them. Some of the males were unbelievably huge! They were all huddled together, biting and pushing and sunning themselves. What magnificent animals! A friend took some pictures, so hopefully I will be able to pass those along at some point.

Tonight the crew is putting on the annual Christmas show for guests and residents. Those of you who know me well may find it hard to believe that I am actually in the choir! Good lord. It's fun though and adds a bit of Christmas spirit to the atmosphere of the ship. We're also having a Scandinavian Christmas dinner tonight(makes me think of our solstice dinner, Mom). The piano player is playing Christmas music as I type, the sun is shining outside, and there's no snow to be found (no real evergreens, either). It must be Christmas Eve....Merry Christmas.

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Check another continent off the list!


We made it to Valparaiso, Chile after too many days at sea, and it sure is good to be able to walk on land again! I have been pleasantly surprised to find that my sea legs are not that bad, but I do enjoy the freedom of being off the ship. I was able to do some shopping today; navigating a mall two days before Christmas when you don't speak the language is quite an adventure! I managed to make some good purchases in a short amount of time, so I consider it a success. Things are busy around here as usual. About six children should be arriving in the next day, so I will be busy playing games and doing arts and crafts again. Not such a bad gig I have going here. The weather is warm, the people are nice; it doesn't feel like Christmas, but that's okay. Although I wouldn't want to do this forever, I am adjusting to ship life and am certainly glad to be here!

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